Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to download any flash game you want and play it offline

How to download any flash game you want and play it offline

Did you  ever played  an awesome flash game online and you thought why i can't  play it offline. :-(
Many  flash games are really awesome and lot
of people find them pretty and stuck with them.There are so small very fast ,no much loading like other games.
They even don't need installation like other games do.Even at the very first ages of computers very small games like Prince of Persia 1 for example need to install some files onto our hard disks.
So if you fell in love with an online flash game and you want to play it when you are offline or when you haven't an internet connection   then the solution is here.Don't need any skills  or programming knowledge.Just follow the steps below.
1)Go to the web  page of your favorite game.
2)Click on the game  if  the website have  lot of games.

3)Wait until  the game finish the loading.Probably it will appear a menu like play-options- instruction- help-credits etc
4)Then right click on a point of the site where nothing is there.Don't click on banners or links or even on the game.
5)When the drop down menu on your explorer appears click View Page  Source  on Firefox  OR  View Source on Internet Explorer.A page with code will appear.
6)Stay calm now is pretty easy.Press ctrl +f on your keyboard and the search box will appear. Is like windows search for searching files in your hard disk.
7)Now type in the search box  "  .swf   "  withouth the quotes .All the files with extension .swf  in the page will change colour with a marker and when you press enter they jump from one to another
8)Find the link that you think is the game for example  " "
9)Select all this url and paste it in new internet explorer tab or window.
10)The game will appear alone without any other object in full screen window.
11)Go to your internet explorer tab and press Save page as and hit Save. Congratulations.You just downloaded the game in your hard disk.
12)Right click on the .swf  file of the game (all game is included in this  solo file) and open it with widows media player.
13)Enjoy your game.Have fun.

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