Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to become really Anonymous

 How to become really Anonymous

If for some reason you want to become anonymous for a while and send for example a mysterious email or a message threw your computer or maybe if you want to do something that you affraid to be caught then here is the way.

All you need is :
1) a laptop
2) a live cd with  operating system that don't need to be install ( Ubuntu is the best for this situation)
3) an internet connection from a place that none can recognize  you.I do not suggest internet cafes (there are lof of webcams ,surveillance cameras ,keyboards and mouses for your fingerprints etc).   :-)
4) if you want to send a file or video then you need a usb stick with all those files inside.

Remove your hard disk drive (HDD) from  your laptop
Now move to a place that nobody knows you.Move far away from your home.Stay at a place that fewer people can see you.And also search for an unlocked internet connection with your wifi.If your laptop haven't wifi you can buy a usb wifi.Since you 've booted your laptop and Ubuntu live cd is already running and have an internet connection you can plug your usb stick with the video , the files or the documents  you want to send and upload them.Or send just a very sort email or whatever you want to do staying anonymous.
 When you do all that you want  Immediately  do the followings.

Format your USB memory stick that have the files you 've  sended.
Export your live cd with the operating system and shutdown the computer.
Also if you want throw live cd on the trash.
And leave the place you 've been as fast as you can .

The only way to be caught is to stay there for long time and when police arrive and saw you with the laptop you ll probably follow the officers at the police station to investigate your laptop.Then it will be easy for them to catch you from the only thing they can. Your MAC address.
Mac address is a number that all network adapters have.Its a unique number and every mobile,tablet,laptop,desktop have different mac address.If there is a device with a non unique MAC address then it will never connect to the internet.
There are softwares that you can change the MAC address of your device later.
For now RUN  to your house.

Don't ever do all those things with a laptop with windows.Windows always keep files.Even if you think that you cleared them.Even if you format your hdd there are softwares that can view all the files you formatted.

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