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How to make a free Video Producer Studio and work with Videos & Photos, make few or lot money without budget( PART 1)

First of all if you aren't so experienced with computers and you afraid to crash your existing operating system(example Windows) with only few bucks you can use a cheap and low capacity HDD (Hard Disk Drive),30GB capacity HDD is good enough. With this small HDD you avoid all the future problems.

All you need now is to install UBUNTU operating system .Is an open source (free) operating system with hundreds and more free open source software alternatives to very expensive Windows platform softwares .Download Ubuntu from the website and burn the image to a
CD -ROM .Now, turn off your PC.
For installation of Ubuntu without affective on your previous operating system, just unplug your HDD with the Windows. Plug in your small HDD and turn on your PC.
When PC start and bios loading ,press the boot menu key (in most cases is F12).At the boot menu select CD-ROM and install Ubuntu(as you did with Windows).
After installation complete and Ubuntu working properly turn off your PC .Plug in again the HDD with the Windows .Now you have both HDDs and dual boot system without affecting to the boot loader which in some cases create problems.
All you need for choose your favorite operating system is by pressing the Hotkey of boot menu when PC starts (most cases is F12).Select the HDD1 for the relative operating system or HDD2 for the other operating system.Enjoy Ubuntu and the free softwares.

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