Free Files for use on sales

Free Files for use on sales

As i saw there are lot of guys out there want to help other people about  how to fix their computers or want to teach other users how to use them or to explain them threw a tutorial.Some users want to sell something on the internet but they don't want to remove any pc part just to take a photo and plug again into the pc tower.I decide to give my help  with some free files.Those files will be photos or videos.I am not a professional photographer and i haven't  a 15k $ camera but i can give some good stuff.All files will be edit with software so you can use them as you like.You can also re-edit them as you like  as i will remove the backrounds and i will include Alpha Channel.You don't need  to worry about spending time taking photos of your objects that  you need to photoshoot. As i search on the net there are millions of photos but for using them  you need to pay few bucks.So don't worry and use mine.There are 100% Free.All you need to do is to download them.You can make money also making tutorials on Youtube and monetize your videos.Want to make money?Don't waste  your time preparing your tutorial by taking photos.Just use mine.If you think they are good ,include my blog url in the description.If you don't want is ok.You can use them again.I 'm fine anyway just from your visit in my blog.
Thanks guys.

Downloadable Files for Free

Hard Disk Drive White Backround (PNG file) 4608x3456 Disk Drive Transparent 4086x3456.png

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