Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to apply to adsense for your blog fast

How to apply to adsense for your blog

Do you want to apply to  Google Adsense advertisement program?
Do you want to earn few bucks for your coffee ?

Then you must
apply to adsense.Isn't so difficult and it doesn't need skills.
All people in the world have hubs.For example i love computers,i love football,i love sports,i love machines and i also  love to create my own homemade videos.
My job? Absolutely nothing about my hubs.Shame.Imagine your passion for something to give you from few bucks to lot of money.
If for example you love to write articles about something you like and get paid for this article then your passion turns into a job.
Maybe when you were kids your dream  was to become a professional writer.
Instead that you never had the chance to study at a University.Maybe because you haven't the time or you haven't the money for that.
Don't be disappointed you do not need a certificate,you do not need a company to support you,  you do not need money and you do not need an office.
You need only a computer and an internet connection.Even if you haven't an internet connection in your house ,you can still make this job offline.How?Read this.
Find a subject you love and you have some knowledge.For exapmple sports,politics,software,hardware,music,news whatever you want.
Create a blog for free at blogger .Now begin to write artciles.You don't need to write a book to become acceptable from google adsense.You need to write some articles  even a half page.Don't use the same words again and again.Or at the very start don't copy and paste other blogs articles.Keep your original style.Write whatever you know ,about fishing or about cars for example.When you write about 20 articles you can apply to adsense.I 've been acceptable with my 19 original own articles.When adsense accept you ,you  must keep writing and make traffic to your blog so people will visit you and visits will turn into income.
If you haven't internet connection you can write your articles offline with a software.Even with  wordpad or with  openoffice.Copy the files where the articles are in a usb memory stick and go to an internet cafe or to a friends house who have internet connection and >>>> log to your blog account ,create new post ,open the document file, copy and paste your article in the blogger post editor  and the article will be publish in few seconds.
Who knows maybe soon you will earn some money to pay for your own internet connection.
Good luck.

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