Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to make business without money

How to make business without money

Have you ever dream your own  shop ? Have you ever wanted to run a business but no money for starting it?I ll give you a
simple idea for start doing something.
I ll don't tell you a lie about how rich i became or about my money that i haven't room to place them and other fairy tales.I didn't even earn a buck about a week now but i think is something that you can do it and let it run alone with auto pilot.
No professional skills needed.Don't hope to become rich.The way i ll tell you is about to do something when you haven't something better to do.All the meaning of this free time job is about to earn  few bucks.Maybe there are people out there that earned  hundred or maybe thousand euros or dollars .I don't really know.But think something.There are rich lawyers and there are poor lawyers.There are rich engineers and there are poor engineers.There are even rich plumbers.So don't disappointed and who knows maybe you become one of the rich cloth designers.
Lets start talking about this business.
Imagine you want to open  a shop with T-Shirts.There are many shops around.What you need?
You need to rent a place  to open your shop .You need a license to open a shop.You need money for start paying the bills(telephone-electricity-water-internet connection or whatever you must pay to run a shop in monthly bases).You need to buy a computer for the shop,you need to buy expensive equipment for printing T-shirts,you need to buy even the T-shirts.And you need to design what you ll print to T-shirts for selling them.

What would you do   if you design a  simple T-shirt and when you check your mail after 1 month  you ll find for example 20 $ waiting for you?
I think you ll say "Ohhh i earn  20$ for doing  nothing,i can drink 4 coffees on Starbucks"
Yeap thats true.You can do it just  uploading a design for a  T-Shirt .

You can run a T-shirt Shop without anything (even 1$).
You need only an email. (LOL)
You can sign in at the 3 websites i ll write below and you can add a simple text over a T-shirt or you can design something  more complex and upload it.You can even print on bottles or bags or whatever those websites allow.
How it works?You upload a design and they don't do anything until someone buy one T-Shirt with your design.They do all the hard work.To take a T-shirt,to print it ,to ship it and you don't need to do anything.You earn a commission without doing anything.You can earn from 2$ per T-shirt or more.Depends the prices.
The best sites for this business for now are:


 Good Luck

before you start making money ,take a break and play few free online flash games here.hahahaha


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