Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Microsoft let users use pirate Windows

 Why Microsoft let users use pirate Windows

  Hey all.Today i 'll try to explain you my  thoughts about Microsoft's tactics.Yes i think Microsoft following a tactic about Windows operating system.
Lots of time i was wondering about how people
can use pirate Windows and Microsoft can't  find them or even stop this thing from happening.There is a huge amount of software developing companies out there which they are in lower class than Microsoft and they have a perfect system about prevent piracy for  their software.Many known softwares when you try to run them they are trying to communicate with the company server and as a result they lock the program at startup and a message appears that maybe you are using a piracy software and so on.If they want they can hunt you with their lawyers just contacting with your ISP (internet service provider).ISP must give them your personal information wherever you are,in any country .ISP must provide your personal information about the IP holder name ,address ,telephone etc. Even crappy softwares with prices lower than 50 $ have a system like that.
 You will ask me now."Yes of course but there are cracks out there".
Yeap i know.BUT .Those programs don't need to be on the internet all the time you want to use them.For example if you are using a photo editing software,you can unplug your lan cable and work offline etc. You just insert a serial number from a key generator and you cheating the program and you can use it.But when this program communicate with the company server you can't cheat the company database about serial numbers that are sold for real.Every user  nowadays needs the web.
For watching movies & videos,for listening music,for reading the news etc.
That's why Microsoft can  easily catch them or lock their pirate Windows operating system.

 So why i think Microsoft letting people using  their software from pirate sources?
It is simple.PC's are everywhere.In houses ,in shops ,in offices ,on the road (laptops) etc.
Even poor people can have a PC.Someone bought a new PC  and gave them one for free or for very  low price.You can buy a laptop today  even for 100$.The  people that haven't money to spend can join the web from a wifi of a neighbor but believe me they will never spend money for softwares.Even for Windows.
Here is the trick.Microsoft don't need the money from the home users (about 100$ ).Home users can buy a laptop or desktop with preinstalled Windows.Microsoft wants  companies with  tall buildings,with hundreds  of offices.Imagine a company with 50 offices and all running windows .But company don't need only the windows.They will buy licenses for Microsoft Office too because they  need an Office suite.So we are talking for lots of money.And of course all the employers must be familiar with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office suite.How employers can be familiar with office suite from home?They cant.They live in a  house not in an office.
Lets say that all the people using the free operating system of UBUNTU and they are using  also Openoffice (open source office suite).Then companies will never ask again for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office familiar employers.And none will go to pay to learn and get even the  certification for Microsoft programs.
 That's the point guys.Microsoft want all the people can use and learn their software even from pirate sources so all the companies all over the world MUST need Microsoft to run their business.If a company try to use pirate software .Mhhhhh.Bad news approach.Did anyone show a big company using Ubuntu?Nope
Btw Ubuntu are great and free open source operating system but they aren't like windows where when you installing something you just press  NEXT>NEXT>NEXT>NEXT>NEXT>NEXT> OK

That was my opinion guys.There were only my thoughts .I don't know what they are thinking in Microsoft's headquarters.I never been there. :-)


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