Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to delete my start incredibar from Firefox

How to remove Mystart-IncrediBar from firefox

First of all I must tell you that removing this screen from your explorer is too easy for Internet Explorer and for Google Chrome instead of Firefox that is harder and very frustrating to see this screen appearing after lots of tries. So I will explain the way you need to move to clean your Firefox from IncrediBar.
1)First of all run Firefox and go to Tools >>>>Add-Ons
2)Select IncrediBar and choose Remove
3)Now go and click on the little arrow at the top right corner of Firefox and choose Manage Search Engines.Select Mystart and click Remove

4)Now go to Firefox > Options>Opti
ons and change your homepage to your favorite web page
for example

After you finish with all those probably the screen will appear again and again and that is the frustrating point.So continue to the next paragraph and will be free soon. :-)

Open again Firefox

1)In the url bar (where you typing the url you want to visit ,like )
type " about:config  "(without the quotes) .
A screen with this message will appear

2)Click “ I 'll be carefull ,I promise”

A new page will appear and it will have a search bar on the top 

3)Inside the search bar type “mystart” .This will show you all the results with mystart entries.

4)Double click one by one all the founded results and delete the entries that will appear

5)When you delete all the entries from all the results ,restart your firefox and you finish with this frustrating screen :-)

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