Friday, July 20, 2012

Promote your items for sale

Promote your items for sale

Hello guys i 'm working right now to show you a tip about how to make small videos which can help you  to sell your products on the internet.Did you ever saw an advert of a product on TV only with still images?Nope.And if you ever saw it would be before 30 years or maybe you saw them on crappy channels.
Why to put your object and take still images from all the angles when you can make a cool video even for 10 seconds and catch the viewers attention.For example i have a small model of motorbike and i want to sell it on the web.

Lets see the  picture i took.
It's ok but i need more photos to show you the model from all the angles.I didn't even took more.

Now i'm preparing for the video.I ll be back as soon as possible  to upload the video and then i ll upload the "how to video".

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