Monday, July 23, 2012

Aspiring writers tips

Aspiring writers tips

As i said in a comment few days ago i want to share some tips to "Aspiring Writers".
I am not even an aspiring  writer.I don't know
if i will write a book in my whole life
but i want to share 1-2 tips for non professional writers to help them to start a career.First of all you must train a lot before start this job.Is different to do it as hobby and is different to do it as job.Hobbies cant pay bills and cant earn money.I love to play football but i never took a buck for my goals,instead professional footballers that became rich.

Another problem about me for making money as writer is my bad :-)
English isn't my native language so i must concentrate in my country's book market.My country is small so the book's market is small too and is hard to make lots of money from that.
Now about aspiring writers with good English knowledge is good to start the training.Begin to write whatever you know and of course whatever you love.Begin with a blog or grab a paper and start writing stories.Write about sports write about your life,write about movies etc.Read again and again and check if is well written.Don't start trying to write a big novel until you feel ready.Go and join few websites that people ask questions.Begin to answer their questions trying to give the best answer.
A good way to start making money is to write stories for magazines or newspapers.
There are some sites,the best i know and i am using are Odesk and Elance.Those 2 sites offer jobs from other people and you  can apply for those jobs.
For example there are jobs like:We are a monthly magazine and we are searching for aspiring writers to write for us 3 sexy stories per month ,about 1000 words each.We are paying 50$ per story.
You must apply to the job and if they select you, you will begin to have an extra income of 150$ per month.Not bad for start.
Except magazines there are also some blogs that paying for stories or articles.

The 2nd way to start earn some money is to write a book even if it has few pages.Make them pdf.The concept of the book can be a small how to manual for something you know or even few recipes for foods.Then start sell it on ebay even for 1 dollar.You don't have to ship anything.It will be a downloadable pdf book.
Now you will ask.OH ,how to make money with 1$ for a small book?Ebooks  don't have to be expensive.Imagine you start selling your book for 1$ and people think ,mmmm 1$ are very low price and buy it and you sell the same book to 5000 buyers.It is 5000$ total income.Not bad.Right?
Good luck to your new career.

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