Saturday, November 17, 2012

Are you serious?So Cheap ebay book shop

Very Interesting eBay book shop.
Today i want to share with you an ebay shop and how i bought an awesome  288 pages book for only 1,5$ .
I searched for the book "Friends till the end".Who knows maybe in the near future it will become very rare.
I found an ebay shop that selling  them for 1,5$ each .I thought ,it's ok.It is 2nd hand book but is sooooooo cheap.
I ordered it.Take a  look at the result.It is in perfect condition.

Looks like it is 1st hand book.
It is a very interesting ebay shop that most books are sold to them threw charities.Take a look.There are tons of books in there. :-)
Check their ebay shop!!!

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