Saturday, October 20, 2012

Monetize your Blogs and earn money

Do you want to monetize your blogs or websites and start making money?

All the bloggers or web site owners we are trying to earn few bucks from our blogs.The bad thing is that it takes lot of time to start earning money.
All we know that google rules the world now.So all bloggers trying to get approved by Adsense program.
Many users already banned from Adsense program or they aren't approved yet.If you can't wait to get approved from Adsense there is an alternative and easier way to earn money from your blog.
You can try to use Clicksor.Clicksor is similar to Adsense and it pays you even 50$ and you don't need to wait until you get the Adsense approval .Give it a try and as you refer more people, the commision you receive increases proportionately.
There is no limition on the number of people you can refer and in this case the more the better.

Good luck

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