Monday, September 3, 2012

Best Web Hosting Company and how to don't loose your money

Best Web Hosting Company and how to don't loose your money

Hey again to all readers.
Today i want to share with you my research about the best choice in web hosting companies.For all those who want to make money threw internet there are some points that need to be careful about them.
All the people who start a webpage even if it is a blog sometimes want to make some money.
Yes you can make money even with a blog.But what about if you want to upload large files or files that can't be added on a blog?
And there is the point which all the problems start.Why?
  Lots of users (bloggers etc ) need some space.Because the web host cost (not a lot) they trying to find something free.By creating a webpage to a free web space immediately your page will make no money.Because the companies that provides the free web space aren't saints who making charities to bloggers (lol).They give you the free web space and they earn all the money from your page adverts.Seems fair but why to use something for free and loose on the way much  more.
Ok when you starting a new webpage probably  you will earn 1$ per month and you must pay more for the hosting.But what about if your website have lot of traffic and instead of earn 50$ and pay 4$ per month you don't pay the 4$ and you don't t take the rest 46$ .It is shame.

Another problem is that the most of all users think like "ok.i ll use the free web space and when my site become popular i ll move it to a paid web space". That isn't solution  .It's a disaster believe me.You will loose all your tactical readers ,all your subscribers,all the people who had your page in their favorite pages and much more.Plus you need to start from the very beginning .
 That's  why i didn't use a free web space.I m using only the blog AND it is time to move to my own website because i already publish 3 flash games and i can't host them to my blog.It can't host swf files.So i decided to buy a web space and host my site with all my files.
 After i search a lot i found that the best choice with the best help support (they support you threw phone ,mail and online chat for 24hours/7days) is the "Hostgator" .Very good prices great support and much more.
 So for all who want to start a website business i can say that is the best choice.

For all who want to start a webpage,please feel free to contact me or write your comments and i will provide you discount coupons .
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