Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to make money uploading files

How to make money uploading files

Hey,I  m back again.I found something new as i was around on the net.
There are some ways to earn money just uploading files on the net.I just joined a site you can jump here and sign up and check.It looks cool and i read around that it isn't scam.Is 100% legal and it pays well.

How it works?
If you have seen before some users around on the net ,like youtube where users saying  "Hey if you like my song and you want it ,go download it from there www.example.com , for free".Why they offer you for free?Because they will earn few cents about how many downloads they hit.
Yeap is simple .They offer you their products for free and they getting payment from those sites that the files are hosted.Those websites probably earn money from adverts but who cares.All our life is around adverts.From TV,net ,road,newspapers,magazines e.t.c.
So a good idea is to upload not copyrighted stuff of course .lol.We want to earn few money not to go to jail.Upload some photos from places or nature or for musicians some music you ve done and let them on the website providing a link to users to download them for free and get some bucks from that.As i read sharecash is one of the best about prices.Check it.Is also free.It took me 2 minutes to Sign Up.Good luck.

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