Saturday, July 7, 2012

Edit photos for selling items on Ebay

Edit photos for selling items on  Ebay


Hello guys today i ll saw you how you can edit your stuff's pictures or videos by the easy way.
Maybe you want to edit pictures for sell something on ebay or maybe you want to create a promo video.Photos are easy because static objects are easily for masking.But when we edit a video is getting really frustrating.All you need to do that ,you already have it .If you want to edit a photo or video you need a computer and a monitor too.
Now go to type green backround and press search pictures.Find a bright green photo and open it.Right click on photo and >>>save as and save it in your computer.Open it with your picture viewer and place the object you want to sell  in front of your  monitor and make your  photoshoot.Take your photos or the video and then use a software like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Photoshop   and remove the backround with the chroma keyer effect.

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