Friday, July 6, 2012

Camstudio crashed

Camstudio crashed

Today i decide to create a tutorial about how you can edit easily photos of your products for selling
them.Before a year i wanted to create a good video but
for few seconds i needed a screen recorder.So i used Fraps.The truth is that it was very nice and my video had very good results about 12,500 views.It was a funny video .For my new video which is a tutorial i decide to use another software.So after a net search i decided to use Camstudio.I 've completed my first 2 parts of this tutorial  BUT at the 3rd part which was bigger i had a nice CRASH.The problem wasn't the crash.I can repeat this 3rd step in few minutes.The problem was that Camstudio store the video  by default in Temp folder and i had a missing part in my Hard disk drive about 4gb.So if you screen record a tutorial or whatever and Camstudio will crash then do the things below.Go to Start >>Control Panel>>>Type in search bar right upper corner "files and " you will see in results "Folder Options and down from that Show hidden files and folders" Click on that >>>>Find the line Show hidden files,folders or drives and check it.
Now go to C:\ (or the letter of your windows drive) then >>>>Windows>>>Temp and find the *.avi which was the temp file of Camstudio Recording (you will find  it easily  ,probably must be a large file because we are talking for video without  a big compression).Delete this or those file and you finish.For find it faster sort files by size to find the big file or by date if it is the latest file you did.

Then you can go back to folder options and hide again the hidden files and folders.

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