Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to make a free Video Producer Studio and work with Videos & Photos, make few or lot money without budget( PART 2) 

Now that you complete the installation of the 2nd operating system(Ubuntu),you are ready to install the free open source softwares that will help you to create your videos.
There are hundred free softwares out there waiting for you.
Many of them aren't so easy in use but you need to learn them because they are free.If you are a professional video maker,animator,music maker or photographer and if you have lots of money you are available to move to some expensive suites or softwares such as :
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop 
Adobe Flash Professional
3DS Max by Autodesk
Maya by Autodesk
Their cost are  mentionable
Adobe CS6 Design Standard US $1,299
Adobe CS6 Production Premium US $1,899
Adobe Master Collection US $2,599
Autodesk 3ds Max  4,485 €
Autodesk MAYA   4.485 €
 I think  is a good way for non professionals to move  free.When you succeed in Video Business you can buy the super professional softwares.Because they are.
1) In my opinion the best free  and more powerful  Video Editor and Compositor is the Cinelerra.
Is perfect for editing and applying visual effects (explotions,fires etc.) You can create masks ,work with layers,green screens or blue screens(Chroma key) and much more.It support OpenGL shaders on NVIDIA cards and  it opens up to 4096x4096 to high end cards.It is 64bit software.You can visit the home page here  and you can download it from here
 2)The best alternative free software to Photoshop is the Gimpshop.Gimpshop have  both Windows and MAC versions(i use it under Ubuntu operating system) .It is a very powerful graphics editing program  and it has lots of similarities with photoshop.Gimpshop incorporates a huge array of filters & dynamic brushes and leading-edge advanced tools that power users and professionals demand in high-end, high-priced photo and image manipulation programs like Adobe Photoshop.Newest release is made to look also similar to Photoshop User Interface.You must try it.
Here is the homepage 
3)About your 3D creations the best and most popular software around  is Blender.And it's FREE too.This software also works under Windows , Linux  and MAC OS X.It has all the
tools that other very expensive softwares have.You can create 3d models ,you can animate them,you can rigid them,you can edit video and many other features like camera tracking,match moving,rendering create fluid and smoke simulation e.t.c. .Homepage of Blender is here     and download page is here
Take a look at those 2 awesome videos on the net to see the result  and the power of this free open source software.

Sintel - Third Open Movie by Blender Foundation

Big Buck Bunny


 4) For the end i kept one more software that i like a lot.Is LMMS LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio     is a software similar to Fruity Loops  but it is free.You can use your midi keyboard to create music or simply create music with your mouse button.There are lot of samples inside to try or edit.You can create your own music from scratch .It works both under  Windows and Linux operating systems.Give it a try and have fun.The home page is here     and the download page is here     .


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