Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Create Anaglyph 3d images

How to Create Anaglyph 3d images

As you can see in the  video  that i have created with the title "3d Anaglyph shot",you can make your own  anaglyph videos or photos too .The truth is that the video seems to be more complicated but you can do some training  with photos.For videos 2 cameras
needed because 1 camera is very hard to make the project look well.
  Keep in my mind that while you edit your photos you must wear your red-cyan glasses.It helps a lot.
All you need is 2 different images of the same place with some distance from the lens or 2 images from 2 different cameras mounted in close distance (distance of eyes in real world)pushing the button at the same time .
 I ll tell you the easy way that it needs 2 cameras.Its easier BUT you need to  have 2 same cameras or borrow the second from a friend.Likely the price of digital cameras are low so you can have twice good cameras  with 100 $ .
You also have to make a plastic or metal object with 2 holes so you can screw the cameras with lens distance about 6,5 cm (6,5 cm is the eyes distance).If the model of  the camera is little big for this project you can place the second upside down.Always the distance will be 6,5 cm.I ll create a sketch for those who cant understand exactly what i mean.When you take the 2 photos you will fix with software the rotation of the camera who was from the down side.Don't forget to mark which photo was shoted from the left or right camera.
When you finish  the shot go to your computer.Name the photos like right eye and left eye.
Open with Photoshop or Gimpshop (is free open source).Put image left eye as the 1st layer.
Add the right eye image as 2nd (bottom) layer.Then remove from left eye  the Green ,Blue Channels  using the channel mixer.So the left eye image must be red.Then go to right eye image and remove  the red channel and keep Green and Blue Channels.One last thing.Don't forget at the end to change the layer mode of left eye to ADD .You finished.Now put your red-cyan glasses and adjust the position of the images to get the best result.Move carefully  the upper layer image (left eye) so you can see where is the best place to keep it.Save and exit.

The second way is exactly the same except the part of taking the shots.Because most of us,like me too,we haven't 2nd camera,we must take too different shots with the same camera.For this project you need your camera ,a pencil or marker and a ruler.Find a stable place and make a mark with your marker.Then use your ruler and draw a 2nd mark at the distance of 6,5 cm.Find a point on  your camera as the center and put it over the mark.Take your shot.Then move your camera at the second mark and take your second shot.Remember the row of shots.In example if your camera create files like DCM0023 and DCM0024 you must remember which was your left shot or your right shot.If your left eye shot was 1st then it will the DCM0023 file and vice versa. :-)

I ll make some sketches soon.    

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